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What’s the First Step in the Home Buying Process? | Real View of Real Estate

What is the first thing that you should do when you’re thinking about buying a home? 


Well, you definitely want to get pre-approved. You want to talk with a good local lender and find out what you can afford. Take a look at those payments, along with the tax escrow and insurance payments, and then make sure that you have a really good clear picture of what your monthly payments will be. And then, you’ll know too what type of loan program that you’re going with whether it’s conventional, FHA, or a VA loan, if you’re a veteran. There are many options out there but you definitely want to start that relationship. Many times sellers won’t let us show homes unless buyers are pre-approved. In this competitive market, you really want to be able to have a pre-approval letter ready. When you want to submit an offer at eight o’clock on Thursday night, you have that letter already in hand.


What’s the first thing to do when you’re thinking about buying a house? Laura Flood explains the first major step in the home buying process and how it can make everything go much smoother. Click here to watch our Real View of Real Estate series:…



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