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What do realtors do in their free time? | Real View Of Real Estate

What do I like to do when I’m not working? 


Oh, that’s a fun question. I love to be home! Home is my happy place. We live in the country, we have some land, and we have a ton of fun out there. My husband put in a pool for us, and he builds an ice rink every year, and we have so many parties. 


I love to entertain and cook. Having friends and family around is really what it’s all about. I think we’re all so busy these days and we are on the run a lot, so being able to be home and have people come over and hang out with us, I love that. So entertaining is one of my favorite things to do.


What do I like to do when I’m not working? This one might surprise you ? What’s your go-to thing to do when you’re not working? Laura Flood explains what she does in her free time when she isn’t talking to clients or selling homes. Click here to watch our Real View of Real Estate series: If you want to schedule a confidential call with Laura, reach out to us on our socials (@laurasrealestategroup) or visit our website, to get started.



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