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How has Real Estate Changed since 1995? | Real View of Real Estate

What was real estate like when I first got into the market over 26 years ago? Well, back in 1995, it sure was a lot different than it is today. We didn’t have online MLS systems and the internet was pretty new and just coming out. The MLS would send us a big book every couple of weeks and you would have the page through to find listings that were for sale. It was crazy. The descriptions were really short and all of the pictures were black and white. It was nothing like the websites and apps we have now.  


Communication was so different back then too. If someone had a fax machine that was amazing because we wouldn’t have to drive over to their house or office to get signatures.  Now of course we have DocuSign and other electronic signature platforms. Technology has evolved so much in the last 25 plus years and it really helps to make our jobs efficient, convenient for our clients and allows us to do a lot more transactions.


What was real Estate like in 1995? Laura Flood explains how she started her career in the real estate sector and how things have changed dramatically over the last 2 decades. Click here to watch our Real View of Real Estate series:…



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