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Selling During COVID-19 | Real View of Real Estate

I really want to sell my home but with the COVID numbers increasing, I'm kind of nervous to do it at this time.


Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it's a crazy world right now and that is certainly a valid concern. The market is still very stro...

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House Poor Meaning | Real View of Real Estate

Well, when you buy real estate and you stretch your budget and buy at the top of your budget, we call that being house poor. When you're able to live in a really nice home, but you don't have the funds available to do some of the other things t...

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Is it a hell yes? | Real View of Real Estate

What would be my best advice to someone?


Well, obviously I would say buy real estate. It's such a great investment. So buying real estate would be number one. But on a more personal note, I would say, it has to be a “hell yes.”...

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