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Moving to Lake Mills

Moving to Lake Mills, WI

Are you considering moving to Lake Mills, Wisconsin? Here are the top five reasons to relocate to Legendary Lake Mills.

Keeping a Small Town Feel

Lake Mills, Wisconsin, is located in the northwest corner of Jefferson county. Being located just outside Dane County, it is a short drive from Madison or the Milwaukee suburbs. With just under 5,900 people, the city has a small-town vibe with nearby services to satisfy your entertainment, dining, and recreational needs.


Living the Lake Life

Rock Lake is a natural, clear, 1,365-acre lake in Jefferson County. Ranking among Wisconsin’s best lakes, Rock Lake is ideal for water sports, fishing, and swimming, with a maximum depth of only 60 feet. Close to the state’s southern border, it is a popular summer destination for out-of-towners looking for a quick break.


Earning a Top Education

The Lake Mills Area School District has been named one of Jefferson County’s top school districts. Accordingly, the elementary and middle schools have gone under major renovations, and the district’s high school has also seen updates. Due to the city’s rising population, the development of an Intermediate School has been under consideration to keep class numbers modest and ensure that children receive a higher-quality education.


Steadily Rising Home Values

With attention to current housing needs, multiple new subdivisions have been constructed in the northern and southern parts of the city. Lake Mills has become more desirable to families and young adults, bringing the need for more beautifully constructed homes. Lake Mills property values have also climbed by 9% in the last ten years, according to, making the move more appealing.


Staying Entertained

Sitting just outside of Madison, Lake Mills boasts a few hidden jewels that will keep you entertained all year. In fact, the city offers 15+ parks scattered around the city, plus beaches on all sides of scenic Rock Lake, a superb golf course, local breweries, as well as a local winery. In addition, Lake Mills also holds a summer carnival, a fall wine walk, and a winter festival that pays homage to the ice harvesting industry that operated on Rock Lake in the early 1900s.


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