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Selling During COVID-19 | Real View of Real Estate

I really want to sell my home but with the COVID numbers increasing, I’m kind of nervous to do it at this time.


Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it’s a crazy world right now and that is certainly a valid concern. The market is still very strong, especially in our area, but there are so many people that don’t want strangers in their homes at this time and we get that for sure. 


Our goal is to try to minimize that inconvenience and also minimize the number of times that people are in your home. We make sure that everybody’s pre-approved we do a lot of video tours, and also great photography from the start. This allows us to show buyers as much about your property as they can before they even schedule an appointment. 


We have many other ways that we protect our clients too, especially this time during COVID. If you have any questions about that, please reach out anytime we’re happy to answer them.


With all of the precautions we take during this pandemic, we try to make everyone feel as comfortable as we can. Laura Flood explains the different easy she has adapted to make her sellers feel safe. Click here to watch our Real View of Real Estate series: If you want to schedule a confidential call with Laura, reach out to us on our socials (@laurasrealestategroup) or visit our website, to get started.



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