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Hitting your $16,000 Commission Cap with eXp Realty

What happens when you hit your commission cap?

I moved my business to eXp in August of 2021 and by the middle of November, I hit my commission cap.  So now until my anniversary date of August 1st, 2022, I’ll receive 100% of the commission I bring in.  


With eXp, after you cap, and close another 20 transactions before your anniversary date, you receive the $16,000 cap back in company stock. Then in March 2022, I became an ICON agent.  I also have over $4,000 in stock after just a few months with eXp, I’m so excited to add that revenue to my investment portfolio.  


I believe everything happens for a reason, and I needed to be where I was for so long to get to where I’m at now, but looking back, I can’t believe that I paid an 8% Franchise fee on every transaction and didn’t have a commission cap!  I was leaving so much money on the table. I didn’t realize there was a better way.


If you’re in Real Estate anywhere and you don’t have a commission cap, and if you’re on less than an 80/20 split,  we should talk.  If you are paying a Franchise fee with every transaction, are you seeing a return on that? 


We can help you design a business you love with impact and freedom and help you save for your retirement. 


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